Mobile Apps

Build universal mobile application which is compatible with Android phones as well as iOS iPhones.

For most people mobile phone is a part of their everyday life. Phone calls, messages, email, clock, calendar, games all these items are presented as mobile applications in modern smart phones, in other words everything we do in our smart phone is performed by mobile application.

Today we have two most popular mobile platforms iOS and Android, accordingly if you want your app to run on both platforms, you have to create separate mobile application for each platform.

However, there are libraries, which allow you to build universal mobile app, which runs on both, iOS and Android platform. What actually happens is that you build one application, using universal technology and libraries from this technology “translate” your app to iOS and Android compatible version.

What we actually do in our company is building mobile applications using universal technology, which makes development process faster and cheaper for customer. This is pretty approved model all over the world and we do already build few successful apps using universal technologies.