SEO Optimization

SEO – Search Engine Optimization, is optimizing a website for search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bind, Yandex and others as much as possible.

SEO can be considered as a standalone science, its pretty complicated and time-consuming process. There are two primary directions that can be emphasized in SEO:

  1. Website must be technically prepared for SEO
  2. Website content must be prepared for SEO

Website technical side of SEO is a part of website development. Our development team always considers building SEO modules when programming a website. We use all international standards and best practices from SEO companies, so our websites are prepared for SEO as much as they can be.

We pay big attention to web page structure, its web-address and page load speed, each page of a website, must be absolutely SEO friendly, from technical point of view. SEO friendly website means more chance to appear higher in search results. And the most important, mobile friendly web pages, is one more primary requirement from SEO companies and part of website development process in 63BITS.

As for website content optimization for SEO, this is completely website owner’s job. We give as much recommendations as we can based on specifications of the website, but the final content is still published by website owner. After all that the most valuable for SEO is: